Dr. Angelo Fusco

A Beautiful Hand To Enhance Your Beauty

Angelo Fusco (born 1956 in Roccamonfina, Italy) is a plastic surgeon based Milano via Manzoni No.39.

Fusco studied in Milano University, where he worked with Prof. Piotti Franco. Soon after, Fusco went to Brasil where he studied plastic surgery with Ivo Pitanguy.

In 1983 he began working at a Brazilian Hospital, San Raffale Hospital and Salvador Da Bahia in 1984.

Fusco is also a philanthropist. He has offered treatments for free for poor people. He has worked in the following institutions.

1) Citta De Milano Clinic, Milano from 1980 – 2000

2) International Modern Hospital, Dubai United Arab Emirates 2008

3) Villa Dei Geranei Clinic, Napoli

4) Park Hospital San Sebastiano Al Vesuvio, Napoli

5) Santa Maria De Leuca Clinic, Roma

6) Dr. Angelo Fusco Clinic, Roccamonfina


Born in 1956, Italy, Dr Fusco is an Aesthetic surgeon, Artist and Philanthropist.
Throughout his childhood to date he has been passionate about fine arts, sculpturing, painting and literature.
He is fascinated in discovering the beauty behind harmony in nature, inheriting an eye for arts from his mother and work ethic from his father who were both teachers in Rocamo finae, Italy.

His personal vision for life and aesthetic eye naturally brought him to do medicine and surgery soon after he studied Humanities with an emphasis on Philosophy.
His believes doctors bring hope to the world by helping the nation through their medical expertise, and so began his medical journey at Naples University, Italy.

His thirst for knowledge took him to study at Milano University(Milan), which is one of the most reputed cosmetic surgery schools in Europe. Under the mentorship of Franco Piotti, renowned for working on Hollywood stars, he learnt the ropes to working with key politicians, royals, and celebrities.

His journey then took him to Brazil, one of the plastic surgery capitals of the world to date. One of the most momentous and impactful periods of his life was working under world renowned plastic surgeon Ivo Pitanguey who transformed Brazil into the medical destination for Plastics worldwide.
He then went onto to working under Prof Gerardo Piexoto where together they engineered a mammary reduction technique with minimal scar residue.
This then gave him the drive to discover new techniques in Rhinoplasty, abdominoplasties and Face lifting which he now incessantly uses successfully.

He has also spent an extended period of time in the Boston’s Children’s hospital, Boston USA, where he worked on children with congenital malformations.
And like an artist he consistently discovers new and successful ways of Aesthetic rejuvenation, his moto being real artists never fail to discover new techniques.

Dr. Ivo Pitanguy – Brazil
Dr. Franco Piotti – Milano
Dr. Planas – Barcelona, Spain
Dr. Gerardo Peixoto – Brasil
Dr. Brown – Hartfort CT, USA